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My First Blog, Welcome.

Welcome to my first blog. I'll try to spend some more time here sharing my thoughts with you. Recently I have been a little more active with organizing my first exhibition. It takes a lot of energy and time and tremendous amount of support from my good friends, but so far I have been enjoying the process. After all that's what it is all about, the process of doing. I have two exhibition coming up. The first one is already going on in Yerevan Modern Art Museum That's an honor for me to be present there. I know many worthy individuals have had their works displayed there throughout the years. The second exhibition is coming up sometimes in the second week of October, again in Yerevan, Armenia. I'll be traveling there for the first time in 28 years. A lot must have changed since. The purpose of my visit is to recapture the spirit of Armenia as I felt it growing up there. I have had this strong urge to spend some time alone with our monasteirs that are spread across the country both in easy to reach and hidden locations. I want to photograph them in their saintly dignity. Some of them still intact and some of them in ruins. In Armenia the monasteries that don't have their roofs are called "Xonarh" or "Humble Monasteries". I hope to have an exhibition here in the United States upon my return where I'll be showing the photographs from Armenia. Anyways, this year has been very eventful for me. Stay well and strong.

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